Digital Writing Vs Print Writing 

Knowing your audience & understanding the purpose of your content is necessary, whether you are creating content for the web or for print.  There are important differences between the two mediums & you need a writer who is aware of the differences & can produce the content for the right medium. 

Print Media
1. Print media is more trustworthy because once the news is published, it cannot be modified or deleted. 
2. Print media can save a lot of time because all the content is compiled in a newspaper or magazine.
3. Print media is just one-way communication. It gives information to the public, but consumers cannot share their opinions. Even though some newspapers publish readers’ mails, it is not user-friendly. 

Digital Media 

1. Digital media gives fast updates and enables us to be aware of the latest happenings, whereas with print media we have to wait till the next day. This makes it easy to spread important news among the public.

2. Digital media is two-way communication. Consumers can share their opinions, thoughts and feedback in an instant. This can also give consumers a sense of community.

3. We can search for a piece of information easily in digital media.