• Patrine Frey

The Summer to Fall for Deck and Patio

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The days are becoming shorter, and the light of day changes, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your deck or patio. Add additional lighting, try incorporating decor lighting options like outdoor string lights, lanterns, candles or battery operated lamps, all will make your deck feel warmer and more inviting.

As the wet weather starts in change your deck’s cushion furniture to something more durable and water-resistant. Add an all season decorative trunk to store cozy throws to use for warmth.

Purchase an outdoor heater. This can be a standing unit or propane fire table. There are amazing number of choices available- choose based on available space and amount of heat you are planning for.

Getting a permanent deck covering installed by a professional is a good way to protect your deck. Additionally, the cover can be enclosed, and can help create a barrier from the cold so you can enjoy your deck well through the fall and into early winter. If you don’t need a permanent cover consider installing a soft-top, like an awning, which can then be easily removed in the spring.

What better way to prepare your deck for fall than by decorating with the vibrant colors of fall. There lots of accents - jack-o-lanterns, hay bales, pots of colorful mums and dried corn stalks, all can bring the beauty of fall to your deck easily.

How wonderful to sit with a hot chocolate or mulled wine and soak up the warm glow, while cozy and warm gazing up at the evening stars. Enjoy your deck and patio all fall long.

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