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Small Steps To A Brighter Future

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Those two words “Climate change” conjure up lots of emotional thinking. Those words have become part of our everyday conversations, our news information sources & those words affect our lives daily.

The issue is talked about & written about constantly over the last few years.

Most of us want to be part of the solution for helping our planet survive. I think such a massively important concern that has a variety of overwhelming information sources & opinions, can sometimes becomes too much for the average person to completely digest & assimilate.  It is no wonder for some, the noise of all that information simply confuses & frustrates & for others they become “experts” & inspired. At least one good thing of having a plethora of data at your finger tips 24 hours a day, is you can become invested in the subject. My thinking, is most of us, I believe are buying into helping our planet & our future. We been bringing the cloth or recyclable bags to the grocery store, to replace the bagging of the groceries in plastic & we have long been participating in disposing of our garbage by using recycling boxes on garbage day or where ever we can in the public spaces, right?

But, still the advocates for the climate change movement, claim we are not moving the needle in the right direction to make a real difference for our children’s future.

So what If we tried a simple basic approach, to see if we could capture more people to consistently put into practice, an easy routine for their daily lives, that could have a direct positive impact on climate change?

My thinking is, look at our daily life realistically, break it down into manageable chunks of time & analyze it.  Like the start our day - how do we make our coffee?

Is it with a machine that uses a recyclable pod or better still the reusable pod you fill with your own coffee choice, even better, old school with the drip coffee.  I know this may add another step to the routine of the day & suck up a little more time, but it does have a direct impact on the energy use & non recyclable garbage concerns. Hey, apparently, turning off the taps while you are brushing your teeth, can save up to six liters of water a minute. Now that is worth noting, you're helping the planet but also your water bill.  Another bonus to not running the tap would be, it is quieter in that bathroom of yours, maybe your mind can drift to that happy place.

What about that daily shower? Well there seems to be another opportunity to help reduce our water consumption by reducing the time you are running that shower tap. Do we really need to stand & muse about life’s journey every morning with running water? Perhaps not. A way to make sure you limit your time in the shower, is to use an alarm on your phone to shock you into turning off that shower tap.  If you have an energy efficient shower head, better still. The combo effect of the shorter shower & the energy efficient shower head, you can save 18 liters of water.  Wow that is impressive.

Now I realize, these few daily steps of energy consumption saving, coupled with what we already do to help reduce our carbon foot print will not be huge, but it will make a difference. If we could put this into a constant routine & simply make it just part of our daily routine, we could take the next step & look at more of our day & see if there are more opportunities to help our planet.

Small steps to a

brighter future.

Till next time..

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