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Okay, What is a Green Design & Why Should You Care?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

You are inundated daily with news regarding climate change, challenges with the ecological balance with animals, insects, plants & what species are almost extinct to a point where for some it becomes white noise, something we hear buzzing in the background of our daily lives.

The problem is the issues are real. How we choose to live our lives daily impacts our planet today & the future.

When you are considering an interior design renovation or a decor facelift, the materials you choose matter as does the design layout. All these decisions will have an effect on the environment around you & the bigger picture, the global environment we all live in.

This amazing task of ours of looking after our planet so future generations can enjoy it as we have, is a daunting task. Like all elephant tasks, it is far better to chip away at the task, one small piece at a time or we become so overwhelmed, we then simply hide our heads in the sand hoping it will all just work out in the end.

When choosing materials such as paint, you should do a little research to see what the choices are for a more environmentally friendly paint such as Eco - Friendly Paint - which has low levels - VOC's - volatile organic chemicals. What is VOC's, well when you walk into a freshly painted room & you smell that new painted smell, that is VOC's you are smelling & it is not good for you. According to the Environment Protection Agency, VOC's may have short & long term adverse health effects. VOC's are the main reason painting instructions advise that you only work in well-ventilated areas. The pigments used to create the colour can also be hazardous at certain levels since many are made from heavy metals. Plus how to safely depose of the paint cans, is a very important practice ensuring they are dropped of at a special waste collection depot.

There is always a "greener" choice for any material you wish to use. Learning & discovering greener options for your interior design project can & should be interesting & educational for you. When you are thinking about purchasing furniture there so many amazing recycled & upcycled options to choose from. The green design industry is exploding with creative choices that are beautiful & functional. You just need to look for what is available. Check out - the CORE collection got its start – with the idea of taking a piece of concrete rubble from a construction site that would normally be discarded and turning it into something more desirable. See the photo of the beautiful tables.

It is time we all think about how we can little by little with every decision make a green better choice & we will live healthier & leave a more beautiful planet behind.

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