• Patrine Frey

Interior Designer, Sounds Expensive...

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

So you have spent hours on Pinterest, you have binge watched the design shows on Netflix, you have surfed the net in search of all the conceptional ideas for you interior design project. You feel confident that you know how to create your design vision, & then you don't. The little feelings of doubt starts to chip away at your confidence. You go back to visit you pins on Pinterest, you start to pin more, suddenly you just are no as sure as you once were. Are you going to be able to get all the materials you need at your budget? Will that colour really work with the cabinets? What about the transition piece between the two different flooring types, will it work? These are the questions that start to cloud your thinking.

It simply does not hurt to seek advice from a professional. Make a call to accredited interior designer, ask for a consultation, to at least go over your project. Most interior designers do not charge to hear about a project, most charge an hourly rate to offer advice. Ask what their fees are in the consultation for hourly professional advice.

Interior designers provide a range of services; Designers help by developing a design concept with the style, mood, color and functional goals for the project. They offer a combination of inspiration images and product samples to convey ideas, helping you settle on a vision.

Designer develop a plan. This can be in specific layout form. It can be in a detailed 3D drawings of a plan. It depends of the scope of work as to the type of drawings that are developed - engineered drawings, cad designs or sketch renderings. Mood boards help with establishing the style & colour concepts for a space.

It is very important to have a realistic budget for the project. A designer will help a client stick to the budget.

Selecting materials, finishings & furnishings for a project, always helpful to have experienced help. This can be anything from recommending paint colors to choosing a species of wood for the floor to suggesting specific storage details. This work is often more involved than selecting ready-made products and materials from retailers. Many designers know who to work with to create custom furniture pieces and window treatments for clients. Designers are able to speak easily with trades, coordinating with other professionals such as architects & ensuring plans to permits are correct and monitoring the project to ensure that the right products and materials are installed.

This is just a small snap shot of some of the things interior designers do for client's projects. When you think about just these few items, the idea that hiring an interior designer is an expensive proposition seems to fade. We all dabble in learning new things, try our hand at DIY projects, but your home, for most is the biggest purchase most will make at one time, is it not worth the hourly rate of an interior designer to at least get some advice on your project? Something to ponder on as you scroll through the Pinterest platform


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