• Patrine Frey

Having A Look In The Mirror

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

What is it about aging that starts to scare us? Is it the first wrinkle on our face that was not there yesterday, or is it the realization of getting up early after a long evening’s celebration isn’t quite so easy, or is it looking at our children & thinking we are no longer the centre of their universe, or is it simply facing our own mortality.

Well, something definitely does spook us when it comes to owning up to the different stages of the human life span. We start to think about aging just about when the “experts of the day” tell us that the middle has begun, 46 years of life. Hence, I guess that old adage the mid-life crisis creeps in. Have we done everything, have we accomplished everything, are we on track financially, are we happy, are we successful...… Yikes!

Then a bit of relaxation sets in & hey we start thinking, if this is the middle, we have another 46 years to accomplish everything we want to. Okay, we have time….

But now in 2020, the population experts argue, because people are living longer, that 60 to 65 years old could be more like…. middle age. Does that mean the average life expectancy is 120 to 130 years old… yikes what would we look like at that age?

Alright, settle down, aging is a process that happens every minute, every second we are alive, we just need to come to grips with that fact. We need to make our moments count; we need to be intentional about our lives.

Yup, we are not going to look like we did in our twenties & by the way who wants to have that hairstyle come back into vogue.

Let’s be happy we are part of life & find a purpose for every stage of life that fulfills our moments.

Till next time.

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