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Fall Is Here & Your Front Entrance is Waiting for You.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Part of the Canadian way of life is to comment on the weather and greet every season with a huge hello. A huge Canadian hello to fall! This is my favourite time of year, just love all the colours of fall.

One way to bring the season into your home is with fall decor for your front door and landing area.

With a bit of decorating and styling you can make your front entrance feel even more special.

Most designers will choose core pieces to start off with, this allows for building out from a focal point. Maybe decorate up a unique outdoor chair with cozy types of blankets & colourful fall colour pillows. The front door will be the statement of the entrance, a fun easy concept is to choose a wreath that you can easily add little touches here and there with the changing of the seasons. A look that is always in style is using natural materials, like the wheat grass used for a wreath.

I believe you should take advantage of the flowers that bloom best in autumn, mums, asters, pansies these will make beautiful planter containers. These containers will come more to life with bunching up small wheat stocks and a string of corn husks. The containers is where you can have so much fun with creativity, look for unique vintage containers, old jugs, old watering metal buckets & rustic wooden planters. Another option is bright bold containers with a variation of a colour theme.

Your personal design style for fall is what will make a porch pop, don't feel you have to use the orange fall colours or the traditional gourds and pumpkins, any harvest container will make beautiful statement, remember fall colours are also brilliant burn reds, vibrate yellows & greenish browns. Think outside the box! Your pumpkins don’t have to be plain orange. Think of decorating with white, yellow, multicolored, or even your own hand painted pumpkins.

When picking some of your favorite outdoor friendly pillows and blankets to cozy up your space remember fall is about colour. Your space can be about being cozy enough to enjoy reading a book and sipping coffee, but durable enough to where a few drops of rain won’t hurt any of the decor pieces.

Celebrating a season is just that,

collect fall-themed items and play around with them until you get a look you love.

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