• Patrine Frey

Does Your Age Define You?

Now there's a good question...

There are in one's life, milestones that are marked by birthdays such as 16, 21, 30, and so on, as time marches, in our lives, we begin to wonder if these milestones defined who we are?

Once we have passed what is considered middle age and reached the milestone of 50 years old, we are often heard telling ourselves, age is just a number. It is true, it is just a number, but to society, it means a great deal.

Our social media world of paid targeted ads of the products directed at us, showcased by ageless nymphets, they just seem to glide over our screens. Beautiful people with no telltale sign of age, just flawlessly & eternally happy. We stare & wonder if we purchase these products or services will our lives be perfect, will we have the serenity they project?

The female species of the human race are told & encourage to hide the hints of age, with beautifying magic potions & altering medical procedures. Women begin to struggle with every crease & every wrinkle because it's proof of an aging life. Which oddly happens every moment in one's life. These physical signs of age are not celebrated by society but rather maligned as the passing of the prime of life.

Is it only the humans of a certain age that are capable of discovering the new innovations in technology? Is it because we prefer the sparkle in the eyes of a certain age to deliver the promise of a new future?

When we are listening & watching great orators of wisdom are we more captivated knowing that the individual is older, wiser & experienced?

We are told our mental health is just as important as our physical health. We are told to keep the brain active & young. Any comments on the aging past 60 have caveats about mental detrition, illness, physical inabilities & strife.

In the working world, you have a magic window between the ages of 30 to 45 to make your mark. If you have not started your startup, or climbed the corporate ladder, or

produced the work of art of mention, or published your paper, in that window of time, you have missed your real opportunity.

These are artificial date stamps we, society have created. They do not really exist, but they do colour our thoughts & actions.

Each and every day we are getting older. It is just how our life on this planet called earth works. No matter what age in time we are, it should be how we spend that time, those moments, those days, those weeks, those years that should define us. We should commit to our own aging and define our life on what we have done thus far & what we hope to do in the future.

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