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Do Vendor Shows Work for Small Business?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Simple answer is yes!

They matter very much when you are in the beginning stages of your business. As your business grows they help keep you in touch with competition & get you right in front of possible customers.

Even if you decide not to exhibit, but just attending a vendor show, it still is beneficial. You can approach key people one on one who you maybe able to cross promote with or help you. You can connect with other businesses and build relationships.

Even as an attendee, you get a feel for what’s happening by walking the show in person. You may get a feel for what the competition is focusing on. You can see how others display their products & services.

Unique Networking Opportunities

Vendors shows are wonderful for networking, you need to step forward and introduce yourself, it is all about learning and listening.

If you have a trade or service you can sell you need to exhibit at a vendor/trade show. Some people treat their vendor exhibit not with much energy, with the smallest and simplest booth/table possible. Remember it is all about image, your brand and your table/booth needs reflect your best. People buy with their eyes.

Which vendor show to exhibit at? Zero in first on the ones that have the best attendance and that are most relevant for your product or service. I’d much rather have a tiny table at the best show than a great table at the worst show.

To get the most out of a vendor/trade show, you need to do prepare in advance and plan strategies, objectives and outcomes.

Special Offers

Many people offer “show specials” at a slightly higher than usual discount. You may want to pre-promote your “show special” by sending a pre announcement on social media or email blast or on your website.

Let your customers know that you will be exhibiting at the vendor show. If they are attending, they will be more likely to make a point of visiting your table/ booth. Even if they are not attending, it will benefit you by showing your customers you are always in the market place. Show specials do help build new customer base.

There are many more helpful tips to having a successful vendor show & I will share with you in my next blog post.

Most important is to attend vendor/trade shows & more important to exhibit in trade/vendor shows that are relevant to your service or product.

Great return in investment with Vendor/Trade Shows if done correctly.

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