• Patrine Frey

Blurring The Lines Between Indoors & Outdoors

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Bringing the outdoors into your living space is becoming so easy with features like folding walls and collapsible screens. A great room family that opens up completely to an outdoor patio is wonderful for entertaining & possible by retractable walls, good lighting & heating /cooling units which helps for all sorts of minor weather changes. Having the extension of the home include outdoor living area makes the home livability more versable. Adding outdoor kitchens and fire features just continues the usability of the outdoor space. When considering what type of outdoor kitchen add ons to obtain - pizza ovens are wonderful, multi purpose & simple cooking experience.

The environment is a top of mind with people and having an outdoor design plan that includes a green design is preferable. Incorporating plants that are great pollinators as part of the landscape of the space will enhance the design as well as help the the ecosystem. Having a water feature has become a standard for the outdoor living space, gives an element of tranquility & can help with white noise.

There is lots of choice for outdoor furniture & it comes in all kinds of types of quality. I would suggest investing in weather-resistant, pieces that will last. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and visually appealing. A beautiful outdoor living space, should allow you to sit back and enjoy all of your hard work. You can also include comfortable chairs such as poufs & hanging chairs.

With a few creative ideas, & a little work, you can create an amazing outdoor living space you will love to lounge in and entertain guests.

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