• Patrine Frey

A Little Joy

I truly think most will say that 2020 has been one strange, difficult & challenging year for nearly everyone. A deadly pandemic, horrible stressful daily updates about the political situation with our neighbour to the south of us, news of racial injustice around the world & economic factors that will effect all of us for years to come. Given all of this, it's probably not a stretch to see how we would struggle to find a little joy in our daily lives.

The big question is, what is joy? That thing, that concept, that actually gives you a feeling of great pleasure & happiness, for every human the answer is different. What brings you joy? The question seems easy enough to answer, but when was the last time you really felt it? That state of mind of pure triumphant bliss; the rejoicing of ones heart?

Thinking about what really does makes you happy & joyful in your life; can be the start to helping you find what truly matters to you in your life.

Savoring the daily moments that make you smile will be the beginning of the joy discovery journey. Is it the laughter of children in the morning, or is it the smell of the autumn air, or is it the peace you find in watching a sunset with someone you love? No matter what it is that makes you smile, if you take the time to slow down for that very moment you feel that smile, your mind will allow your heart to sing.

We are all guilty of charging forward through our daily lives without noticing all the nuances of our life. Will taking a few seconds to breath in deeply, really hinder what we are racing to accomplish? Probably not.

The path to really living a joyful life seems to be linked to looking at the moments in your life, that brings laughter to your eyes, that make you simply giggly out loud & then looking hard at what robs you of those joyful moments.

My thinking is there is always a little joy in each & every one's daily life, we just need to rediscover it. Sometimes even in the darkest moments of our lives, what will help us gets through those challenges, is remembering what moments make us smile & allowing that feeling to illuminate through to our thoughts. These moments of joy will heal our wounds. I believe joy inspires us to do great acts of kindness, it makes us look outside ourselves & it makes us better humans.

It seems that joy can & will emerge from the depths of despair, we just need to take the time to notice it & I am all for rediscovering that joy in everyday life.

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