• Patrine Frey

A Few Tips for Kitchen Design

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

It can be very overwhelming to take on any renovations, especially the kitchen. It is one of the central parts of the home & a space that has an important function for everyone living in the home

When considering renovations of kitchen, not only should the emphasis about the “look” of the kitchen be a consideration, but so should there be the same amount emphasis of planning strategy of design with how it will it function with how we make our food choices. Things like food storage is important today as we want to ensure freshness & taste which is about appliances and shelving. An appliance choice is has become a standard is an integrated under-counter drawer refrigeration. This appliance allows for storing more fresh produce & it can fully integrate to match the other cabinetry.

How we cook our food will affect the decisions on which appliances to purchase for the new renovated kitchen, such as a convection steam oven, that helps retains moisture, minerals & vitamins in food that is boiled & is becoming a natural choice for an appliance. .

Lighting has become an integral part of the kitchen design. Lighting in layers and selective types: under, over cabinets and within as well. There are fashion fixtures for over islands & peninsulas. So many choices.

Each task that takes place in the kitchen uses different types and different intensity of light. Prep work and cooking are best with bright direct lighting, but entertaining or dining is better with ambient lighting.

As you look at emerging trends when planning your kitchen renovation, it is important to take in the consideration of how you & your family will operate in the kitchen space & how it will flow with activity. Good design only works if it is functionally beautiful.

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