the who & what about me


I have always loved being near a lake or an ocean, there is just something soothing about the sound of water lapping against rock or the mesmerizing sound of crashing water on a sandy beach.  I love the sense of peace that overtakes me when I gaze on the glass-like surface of a calm body of water.  I love the shards of glittering sunlight on the still surface of a lake, yes I love the water.

I am drawn towards the colour burnt orange or the drama of red & then there the brightness of lime green, what does this say about me, no one really knows, it just gets down to personal preference, like most things in life.

I have always enjoyed dreaming up stories of make-believe worlds, where there are no limits to creativity.

I am passionate about helping people, there is such a joy that comes from the feeling that you have made a difference in someone's life.

If my creative skill set can help you with a project or a business concept, please reach out.  A conversation about your needs is one step closer to getting what you need done.